Terms of Service

Tournride S.L. (hereinafter referred to as Tournride) is a company dedicated to the rental of bicycles and accessories for each of our models. At Tournride, we deliver bicycles to any point on the Iberian Peninsula (mainland Spain and Portugal) that the customer desires, as well as to certain areas in the south of France. The transport can be carried out to SEUR and MRW facilities, Tournride partners, or even to accommodations designated by the customer. In the case of accommodations, as a general rule, the customer must have a reservation with the accommodation and must have inquired about the possibility of receiving all the equipment at their facilities.

Tournride also offers luggage collection at the starting accommodation to be delivered upon arrival at our facilities in Santiago or at the final accommodation. In no case is it a luggage transfer between stages, as there are specialized companies for these services.

Tournride also collaborates with travel agencies and tour operators worldwide, offering additional services such as support vans assisted by a specialized mechanic, among others. These agencies and tour operators have a personalized price that will not be transferable to the customer by Tournride.

Navigation on the Tournride website implies acceptance of these applicable conditions. All conditions are understood as necessary for the proper provision of the service.


Tournride provides a web platform where you can conveniently choose your bicycles, equipment, sizes, and everything necessary to hire our service. However, the service can be booked by phone or email at info@tournride.com, although the easiest way is through the website.

A reservation, understood as the deferred hiring of the rental of equipment and services for specific dates, is a necessary condition for the provision of the service.

A reservation for bike rental requires a minimum number of days based on certain factors:

  • In the case of both outbound and return shipping (i.e., where both the reception and return locations are different from Tournride Santiago), the minimum rental period is 4 days.
  • In the case of either outbound or return shipping, the minimum rental period is 3 days.
  • If the reception and return locations are Tournride Santiago, from Monday to Friday, the minimum rental is 1 day.
  • If the reception and return locations are Tournride Santiago on weekends, the minimum rental is 2 days, with an additional €10 per bike surcharge.

In any case, the minimum rental for any electric pedal-assist bike is 2 days.

To create a reservation, regardless of the method used, the customer must provide their contact and identification details (ID or passport). The customer agrees to provide the requested information truthfully.

During the reservation creation, the reception point will be required. The customer, in compliance with these conditions:

  • Certifies that the provided address is accurate.
  • If it is an accommodation, the customer or someone in their group must have a reservation, and the accommodation must have a reception attended during business hours.
  • The accommodation must have been informed by the customer that they plan to receive the bicycles, which should be stored safely until their arrival. Shipments are made to be delivered no later than the day before the reservation starts. Depending on weekends, holidays, and other circumstances, the arrival may even be earlier, so it is essential to have the acceptance of the accommodation. Any failure or delay in delivery caused by the rejection of the accommodation is beyond the responsibility of Tournride. Tournride will try to solve the problem as best as possible, with no guarantee of delivery time, and, if costs are incurred, they will be borne by the customer.
  • In the case of reception at another point, such as MRW, SEUR, or one of our partners, the obligation to check the opening hours of these centers is always on the customer. Tournride can help find the information, but it is not an obligation. Tournride will not be responsible for changes in the opening hours of third parties.
  • Any changes in the reception location should be communicated as soon as possible. Changes within 10 days of the start may cause errors in delivery.

All conditions in this section apply if the return location is different from the Tournride facilities. However, it is possible to advance in the reservation process, and even confirm it without providing reception and return locations, but the customer agrees to provide them at least 10 days in advance. To facilitate the trip, particularly and exclusively in the case of the return location, it is allowed to leave it “open” up to 72 hours before the end date.

Modifications to the Reservation

Any modification to the reservation must be requested by email as a last resort. Tournride is not responsible for failures in telephone communication, WhatsApp, or any other means, as there is no fast and reliable traceability through these means. Email is understood as the ONLY channel for confirming modifications.

In the case of a telephone contact, Tournride staff will instruct you to send the modifications by email, as a grace indication, not to be understood as an obligation of Tournride. Similarly, after each modification, Tournride staff will send you a communication responding to your email, attaching the reservation in a printable PDF format. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the changes.

All changes will be clearly and enumerated in the body of the email message, without exception. Changes in attached documents or similar must be described in the body of the message. If the use of an attachment is necessary, it must be clearly indicated in the body of the message.

The customer can notify changes to the reservation up to 5 business days before the start. After that date, we cannot guarantee that the changes can be made, and it will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, not constituting an obligation for Tournride.

The customer accepts that modifications may involve variations in the price.

Confirmation of the Reservation

The reservation will be considered confirmed once the reservation process is complete, including payment in any of its modalities. This payment, whether total or partial, will guarantee the customer the availability of the equipment for the selected dates.

Tournride does not have the process known as “overbooking,” having a computerized reservation system that, except for errors, does not allow such a modality. Therefore, 20% of the payment is considered a reservation and fleet management fee, and is not subject to refund.


Tournride reserves the right to apply surcharges during the reservation process, which must be defined, both in concept and price, in the following list:

  • For reservations with less than 5 days’ notice, €10 per bike.
  • For returns on weekends or holidays, €10 per bike.
  • For changes in the return location of bikes outside the stipulated period (72h), €10 per bike, plus the difference in transport cost if applicable.

Tournride may add surcharges to this list, but they can never be applied to existing reservations at the time of their creation.

Cancellation Policy

Tournride accepts cancellations of services, whether total or partial, in accordance with the conditions of this paragraph.

20% is considered a reservation and fleet management fee, and under no circumstances will it be subject to a refund.

In any case, understand a refund as a reimbursement of amounts paid in advance.

If the cancellation of the service, whether partial or total, occurs 10 or more days in advance until the day before the start date, the customer is entitled to an 80% refund of the total amount paid for the reservation, excluding any bank or payment method fees incurred.

After that date, the customer will not be entitled to a refund.

If a cancellation or early return occurs after the shipment has been made, Tournride reserves the right to charge the customer for the expenses incurred in returning the rented equipment.

The early return of the equipment, whether in the chosen location or not, does not involve the refund of a hypothetical proportional part of the unused days. If such return is not in the previously chosen location, Tournride reserves the right to charge the customer additionally for the transportation costs for its return to Tournride’s facilities.

All refunds will be made through the same payment method used by the customer, without exception, unless Tournride deems it appropriate.

Communications with Tournride

The main communication channels are email and phone. WhatsApp and other messaging systems will be considered supportive and without contractual obligation.

In particular, Whatsapp Business has severe limitations that prevent access to the conversation context on all workstations, in addition to being difficult to trace for customer service personnel. Changes in reservations or important communications must be documented by email at info@tournride.com.

The only phone channel is the telephone. Whatsapp, in particular, is not a phone, and it cannot be redirected to the switchboard to reach Tournride staff. We cannot prevent you from calling via Whatsapp, but there will be no one on the other end because it is not answered on a phone but on workstations.

Whatsapp Business has a limitation on the number of connected workstations, so in times of high communication volume via Whatsapp, we prioritize messages related to on-route assistance through Tournride Full Assistance.

Also, the labeling and traceability of Whatsapp messages are very limited, with messages often going out of view or being marked as read randomly.

Conversations on Whatsapp, in general, may not be highly interactive, so we recommend not limiting them to greetings but explaining your need or problem, and you will be attended to as soon as possible. In any case, if you want your message to reach its destination securely, we recommend using email at info@tournride.com, where messages are traced, and all those needing a response receive one.

You can check the updated service hours at this link.


Starting in 2023, our reservation and fleet control system sends a series of automatic emails based on various factors. These emails include:

For the customer:
  • Account activation email. It sends an activation link to confirm that the provided email address is correct.
  • Reservation confirmation email. Sent when the reservation process is completed and before receiving payment, confirming that the reservation is held for a specified period for payment.
  • Payment confirmation email for the reservation. For each payment made, whether by card or transfer, you will receive an email with the updated status of your reservation, attached in PDF format with the payment summary.
  • Shipping notice email. You will be notified when the bicycles leave our facilities.
  • Delivery notice email. You will receive an email informing you when the rented equipment has been received by the delivery location staff.
  • Payment reminder email, in different modalities depending on the payment status (partial or null) of the reservation.
  • Email requesting communication of the reception and return location, if applicable.
For the reception location:

Our staff collects information about usual shipping locations and sends the following type of emails informally, solely to facilitate delivery:

  • Reservation confirmation email. Upon receiving a payment, if the delivery location has been selected, an email will be sent informing that the customer has made a reservation, selecting the establishment as the reception location, so they can contact us if they do not find the customer’s name among their reservations or any other problem.
  • Shipping notice email. When the reservation leaves our facilities, the delivery location is notified again, informing them through which transport agency it will arrive.

Reception and assembly of the bicycle

From Tournride S.L., the bicycles leave in their perfectly sealed packaging, with the pedals disassembled and the handlebar turned. The bicycle arrives in its box, with assembly keys, a lock, and a bottle holder and luggage rack installed (except for models with a carbon frame, where it is an option). The rest of the possible accessories are optional.

Once you receive the bicycle, the necessary assembly operations are as follows:

  • Correct placement of the pedals following the instructions.
  • Secure the handlebar stem screws indicated in the instructions.

With the bicycle, you will find a simple and graphic explanation of how to identify the right and left pedals, as well as the stem screws you should tighten and how to place the handlebar. In the packaging, or, if applicable, in the saddlebags, you will find all the necessary tools for assembly. We have systems to control the material sent, and there will always be, at a minimum, a toolkit for each reservation. Depending on the number of bicycles, more will be sent. In general, the number sent will be equal to half the bikes (+1 if the number of bikes is odd). This material will be required during the return, and it is your responsibility to carry it with you and return it. If you decide to leave it at your starting location, Tournride reserves the right to charge you for the packaging and transport costs.

Pedal threads and crankshafts are carefully checked before leaving. If you have doubts about how to put on the pedals despite the instructions sent, please contact us before performing the operation. Keep in mind that the pedal thread is steel, and the crankshaft is aluminum. The weak part is the crankshaft, and if it is damaged, the solution is quite complex and costly. Tournride reserves the right to refuse payment for this type of repair.

The customer accepts in these conditions that Tournride is exempt from liability for the improper assembly of the bicycle, and any negligence during the assembly, for not correctly following the instructions sent, is your responsibility. Likewise, Tournride will not reimburse any assembly costs by third parties.

Condition of the bicycles

Tournride makes a significant economic effort to renew the bicycle fleet year after year. Likewise, our workshop is specific to bicycle rental, and the maintenance carried out is preventive. The amount of remaining consumables in each unit leaving our facilities is always more than sufficient to complete the route.

If a bicycle has any defects in consumables, it would be an error, and therefore the replacement of that consumable will be made as quickly as possible and by specialized professionals, for which you will be referred to a partner or workshop on your route.

Electric Bicycles Addendum

In the case of electric bicycles, both the mechanical and electrical sections are treated by controlling numerous factors.

In the case of the electrical section, all batteries are stored after being charged, and their electronics are turned off for proper conservation. Each charger that arrives is packaged and stored to charge at least one battery before its final storage before shipping.

Each electric bicycle that is shipped undergoes an electrical test, both during its pre-storage repair and before being placed in the packaging. Specifically, it is turned on, the motor is activated, all buttons are pressed to check their functionality, and the status of the display is verified. Each and every electric bicycle that leaves our facilities has been thoroughly tested by our mechanics.

Tournride undertakes to deliver bicycles in good working condition.

Treatment of Bicycles

Similar to the previous section, Tournride undertakes to deliver bicycles in good condition, and the customer agrees to treat them properly.

In particular, it is strictly prohibited, unless expressly indicated by the Tournride team, to place any type of adhesive on the rented material or any accessory that may damage the condition of the bicycle. Tournride reserves the right to impute the costs associated with the removal and treatment of such items.

Please do not place the lock on the frame; you can place it anywhere else, such as the luggage rack, panniers, handlebars, or seat post.

Tournride will not be responsible for repairs related to improper use of the bicycle, whether by action or omission.

Return of Equipment

The customer agrees to return the equipment in good condition and in its entirety. This includes keys (locks, bicycle), chargers, and provided tools, as well as the rest of the rented equipment.

We provide you with a price list applicable in case of loss or breakage of the provided material. [LINK]

In the case of returns at our facilities, Tournride staff will inspect the received material upon arrival.

In the case of an external return, in a location other than Tournride Santiago, please note that:

  • If the return to another location was not planned, normal collection and handling charges that would have been reserved will be imputed.
  • The storage location must have a reception attended during business hours to hand over the material to our staff or third parties designated by them.
  • If you want to change the return location or if you have not communicated it during the reservation process, remember that we need to know at least 3 working days in advance. Otherwise, it may generate costs that the customer assumes as their own.
  • All equipment must be grouped, with small items inside panniers or in a bag attached to the bicycle.

Tournride Full Assistance

At Tournride, we want to offer you the best services so that you can successfully complete your journey without unnecessary worries. For this reason, we have decided to include, along with the rental of any of our bicycles, the coverage of our Tournride Full Assistance insurance, completely free of charge.

The main objective of Tournride Full Assistance is to provide on-route assistance. If, during your journey, you experience any incidents that prevent you from continuing your stage, whether due to technical problems with the bicycle, theft, or even certain health issues, you can call our assistance phone.

The Camino travels through rural and sparsely populated areas, so we work hard to ensure that our bicycles have the minimum number of incidents possible. We even equip our entire fleet with a puncture prevention system to avoid the slightest eventuality. Consider the insurance as a last resort, in case you cannot continue due to an inability to repair the bicycle or lack of knowledge, and to make you feel more secure in your adventure.

Next, we explain step by step the specifications of Tournride Full Assistance, its coverages, and how to proceed in case you need to resort to this insurance.

On-the-Road Assistance

Procedure to Follow

In case of a breakdown in the bicycle that you are unable to solve, provided it is not due to misuse:

  • If it occurs during the week during business hours, try to contact us first at the following number: +34 981 936 616.
  • If the breakdown occurs on the weekend, also try to contact us first through the same number, or in writing via email or WhatsApp with the same number.

Our switchboard will offer you an option for Tournride Full Assistance, whether on a business day or on the weekend. The service hours can be consulted here.

Repair, Transportation, and Replacement

The insurer contracted by Tournride will cover the transfer to the nearest bike shop, generally at the end of the stage, to proceed with the repair of the bicycle. The expenses of repairing it or replacing it if necessary will be borne by Tournride. In most bike shop, they will repair the bicycle, and Tournride will pay the invoice, although it is possible that in others that do not yet work with us, they will ask you to pay for the repair. In this case, you must request the receipt, and Tournride will refund it to your account once all the rented material has been returned and upon presentation of said receipt.

If the dispatch of a new bicycle is necessary and justified, it will be sent as soon as possible, with the expenses covered by Tournride. Keep in mind that if the breakdown occurs on a weekend, this could cause delays in shipping that we cannot avoid, and Tournride will not be responsible for the expenses incurred by these delays.

In the case of bicycle replacement, and only if strictly necessary, it will be sent urgently, delivered before 2 p.m. at the location selected by the customer during the communication of the incident. For the dispatch of a replacement bicycle to be possible, we must be aware of the incident and have applied the protocols before 4 p.m. In the event that the breakdown occurs on the weekend, refer to the section “Issues Not Resolved by Tournride Full Assistance.” In some cases, other types of solutions may be possible, which Tournride personnel will consider offering in each particular case. The solutions expressed in the previous paragraphs are considered the minimum we can offer you.

After this time, we cannot guarantee that the shipment will arrive the next day. The ordinary transport service does not operate on weekends; please review the section “Issues Not Resolved by Tournride Full Assistance.”

Note: Tournride recommends planning reasonable stages. Facing excessively long stages, regardless of whether the bicycles have electric assistance or not, involves much more time on the bike, leaving much less margin for any problems that may arise. It is recommended to follow the rule that “one stage on a bike is equivalent to two on foot.”

In Case of Theft

Tournride Full Assistance would also cover you in the event of bicycle theft, as long as certain conditions are met; the bicycles must have been properly insured and locked at the time of the incident.

In that case, you must call us and follow our instructions to file a report with the police, to avoid incurring additional expenses.

If it is during the week and during business hours, first contact us directly at the number: +34 981 936 616.


The insurance also covers primary care expenses. If you experience any medical incidents that prevent you from continuing the journey, such as heatstroke, the insurance could cover the transfer to the hospital and first aid.

In this case, contact the assistance number: +34 915 949 326.

You can check here all the conditions in case of injuries.

Issues Not Resolved by Tournride Full Assistance

Important at this point is to distinguish between two concepts: repair and maintenance. While the first – as we have already mentioned – is our responsibility, proper maintenance is a client’s task, keeping the moving parts as clean and well-lubricated as possible. If you are unsure how to perform this task, we are at your disposal to advise you, as well as to recommend specialized bike shops. In general, a maintenance operation can be obtained for between €10 and €20.

Regarding roadside assistance, it should be noted that on weekends there may be difficulties in finding an open bike shop, especially in rural and small locations that populate the route of the Camino de Santiago. If a breakdown occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, it may be necessary to wait until Monday for the repair. Tournride is not responsible for any delays this may cause to the customer. The same applies if it is necessary to send a new bicycle due to a breakdown that occurred over the weekend.

At the same time, the insurance covers the transfer of the person and the bicycle that have had the problem, only up to the end of the stage or the nearest workshop, not covering other types of transfers.

How to hire Tournride Full Assistance

Currently, we include Tournride Full Assistance in all our rentals that exceed 3 days (4 days onwards), at no additional cost. We consider it essential.


We find it relevant to make the following additions:

  • Assistance is a service to be used in case of need. It is not a taxi service, not an emergency service, and we are not a service for information or translation. It is a service to ensure that you will only reach your destination in case you cannot continue for imperative reasons related to the bicycle. Maintaining this service is extremely costly, and we trust in responsible use.
  • Having an assistance service does not mean that you can take unnecessary risks, abuse the service, or the bicycle. If Tournride staff or mechanics designated by them detect irresponsible use clearly attributable to the customer, it will lead to the end of assistance and the revocation of the service for the rest of the trip. Additionally, the incurred costs will be charged. We trust in responsible use.
  • The person assisting you is there to help you. Lying, exaggerating, raising your voice, or showing disrespect will not help, and it may lead to the cancellation of the free service Tournride Full Assistance for the rest of the journey.
  • If you have been referred to a bike shop or a mechanic has been sent on-site, and the bicycle does not belong to Tournride, if there is no breakdown or it has been exaggerated, the incurred costs will be charged, leading to the end of the assistance service for the entire trip.
  • Make sure to explain the case truthfully and completely. Lying, exaggerating, and/or omitting details will go against your interest in resolving the incident. Respond to the questions from the assistance and follow all the procedures requested. Not following the protocols established by Tournride will lead to the end of the assistance request, and it will be understood that the customer can resolve it on their own.
  • In the event of a breakdown for which you are requesting assistance, we understand that you cannot solve the problem, and the protocol established by Tournride internally will always be followed, without exception. This protocol has been designed to diagnose and resolve common problems as quickly as possible. All incidents are noted, and solutions are sought, which are even shared with the manufacturer for model improvement. We trust that you understand that we are doing the right thing.
  • In all assistance to an electric bicycle, you must have the charger and key of the bicycle on hand. If you do not have both, it will be impossible to follow the protocol and will lead to the end of the assistance request. We recommend not sending the charger and key with the transport of your luggage.
  • The following cases are not covered by assistance:
    • Running out of battery due to normal consumption during the stage. We recommend following our guide for the use of electric bicycles for planning your stages.
    • The battery has not been charged because it has not been plugged in correctly the day before. The only solution to this is to charge it correctly as indicated in the instructions and wait as long as possible without interrupting the charging process.
    • If it has been lost, we recommend finding a way to orient yourself, either with the help of your mobile with GPS or by asking citizens. In Europe, there is a centralized emergency service at the phone number 112.
    • If you need a taxi, we recommend looking for local taxi services. Most of them have a hiring phone.
  • Repairs not authorized by Tournride will not be reimbursed. Each bicycle is labeled with a datamatrix code and a number that you will have to provide to identify the bicycle that caused the incident.
  • Repairs without a Simplified Invoice or equivalent will not be reimbursed. A card payment receipt does not indicate the concept and is not considered valid.
  • Taxis or transports of any kind that have not been authorized or contracted by Tournride will not be reimbursed. Under no circumstances will services from any VTC company (Uber, Cabify, or any other) be reimbursed.
  • The method of refunding these expenses will always be the same as you have chosen for the payment of our services.
  • All assistance calls will be recorded for subsequent study.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This contract and its execution will be governed by Spanish law.

The customer, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submits to the courts and tribunals of the city of Santiago de Compostela.

Data Protection

In relation to Tournride’s personal data protection policy, we inform you that the collection of your data is carried out based on current regulations: Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons concerning the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data.

Also, we inform you that the data will be included and processed in Tournride’s internal register of treatment activities for the purpose of complying with the contractual and legal obligations acquired.

Detailed information on the treatments carried out by Tournride

The data collected will be used for the correct provision of the service, as well as for strictly commercial communications from Tournride to the customer.

Legal basis


International transfers

Retention period

The interested party may exercise their rights of:




Limitation of treatment

Portability of data


Sending a written request to rgpd@tournride.com

You also have the right to file a complaint with the AEPD.


The headings or titles used in the contract are for convenience only and will not affect in any way the meaning of the provisions to which they refer.


The translations of this document are considered courteous, being the Spanish version the only one valid contractually.