Pilgrim’s office

At the Pilgrims’ Office we welcome all pilgrims arriving in the city who have walked or travelled by horse or bicycle to the Tomb of Saint James. In this office we issue the final stamp of the Cathedral of Santiago on official pilgrim credenciales as well as the traditional certificate, the Compostela, to those who qualify.

The Pilgrims’ Office is run by the Cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Santiago de Compostela. The Director of the Pilgrims’ Office is traditionally a Canon of the Cathedral. The present Director is Don Segundo Pérez López.

On this website you can obtain further information about the pilgrimage, statistics about the pilgrims who have arrived in Santiago and links to other organisations and websites which may be able to assist you. The Pilgrims’ Office does not recommend any particular external websites nor does it accept responsibility for the content of any such websites.

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