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  • Pamplona fourth stage of the Way of St. James

    Pamplona, 4th French Way Stage Pamplona is worlwide known mainly by San Fermin, and of course, in part thanks to Hemingway. However it has much more to offer whoever decide to visit it. If you start cycling the Camino de Santiago from this point you should take the opportunity to discover all its charm. Tournride […]

  • Tournride and the e-mail

    Some years ago, as our domain became more and more popular, our name were used by non desired e-mail issuers to send e-mails with our name in the “from” field. Well, that’s all folks. We decided to dedicate some time to implement the last technologies in our mail server, signing every message to be sure […]

  • Camino de Santiago cycling. Do you like writing?

    If you plan to do the Camino de Santiago cycling and you like writing and to take pictures, we have an offer for you. Forward all this creativity towards the creation of a post about whatever you think that deserves your attention. Give advices on how to do it, or simply share your experience in […]

  • How to start the Camino in France with Tournride

    We ever try to improve our service, so Tournride is delivering bikes to St. Jean Pied de Port (start the Camino in France). Many pilgrims were asking us for this service, as they were interested on riding from this small Pirenaic village in France. So this year Tournride makes it possible. In spite of the […]

  • Do you have problems paying from USA?

    Solving problems paying from USA Tournride uploaded a new website last month with new services and totally renewed. We’re very proud of the confidence that our customer deposit on us every year, since 2004, and for that reason we ask from you, please, never send your credit card numbers by e-mail.

  • Do I take my own bicycle or hire with Tournride?

    Hire Tournride Bikes There’s a frecuent answered question on our e-mails and chat on line. In the case of foreigner pilgrims is easy to answer. The cheapest is to rent with Tournride. Why? You can forget all the problems on packing the bike and travel with it by train or by plane. We deliver your […]

  • Bicycles shipments in mainland Spain also Europe

    Bike Shipping inside EU If you’ve arrived to Santiago on your own bike, you should know that we could send it to your home for only 45€ to mainland Spain and also from 99€ to Central Europe (check the prices on the website). In our 10th anniversary ‘riding the Camino’ we’re promoting this kind of […]