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Pamplona-Santiago en 13 días

León - Santiago en 6 días




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  • Do I take my own bicycle or hire with Tournride?

    There’s a frecuent answered question on our e-mails and chat on line. In the case of foreinger pilgrims is easy to answer. Is cheapest to rent with Tournride. Why? You can forget all the problems on packing the bike and travel with it by train or by plane. We deliver your bike to your starting […]

  • Bicycles shipments in mainland Spain also Europe

    If you’ve arrived to Santiago on your own bike, you should know that we could send it to your home for only 45€ to mainland Spain and also from 99€ to Central Europe (check the prices on the website). In our 10th anniversary ‘riding the Camino’ we’re promoting this kind of service attending all the […]

  • Shipments on Easter period

    If you want to hire bikes with Tournride on Easter period you should to the booking and the payment before Tuesday, last day for the shipments. After that our courier company -called SEUR- won’t deliver bikes ’till next Monday. We’ll deliver bikes from April 21th again. Anyway, if you want to ride the Camino from […]


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