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Puente de la Reina, Pamplona

Pamplona fourth stage of the Way of St. James

Pamplona, 4th French Way Stage

Pamplona is worlwide known mainly by San Fermin, and of course, in part thanks to Hemingway. However it has much more to offer whoever decide to visit it. If you start cycling the Camino de Santiago from this point you should take the opportunity to discover all its charm.

Tournride and the cyclopilgrims

Our main goal is to provide you with the best experience cycling the camino, and make it as comfortable as possible. Therefore we offer high quality bike hiring. And if you arrive to Pamplona with more luggage than you can bring, we can arrange to pick whatever you don’t need until the end of the camino from your hotel, and bring it to Santiago. Tournride will keep it safe for a small fee until you finish “The Way”. We also have different accesories that cover all the cyclopilgrim needs.

Said that, we continue talking about Pamplona Interesting information:


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What to see and do in Pamplona

The Sanfermines Who hasn’t heard about San Fermín? Meeting Pamplona from July 6th to 14th, meanwhile doing the Camino de Santiago, is an unique experience. At the end of the holydays you can retake the way full of energy and great enthusiasm.

Santa María la Real Cathedral

It’ a must visit for any pilgrim. A single ecclesiastical architectural ensemble, being the most complete cathedral complex that is conserved in Spain. Its different rooms were built between XIV and XVIII centuries, and so, despite Gothic predominates, we can find out some Romanesque presence.

La Catedral de Santa María la Real, Pamplona

Santa María la Real Cathedral, Pamplona

La Ciudadela

It is considered the best example of military architecture of the Spanish Renaissance and one of the most important defensive ensemble in Europe.

La Ciudadela, Pamplona

La Ciudadela, Pamplona

Yamaguchi Park

Created in 1997 by Japanese landscape designers. It contains all the typical elements of a Japanese garden.

Parque Yamaguchi, Pamplona

Yamaguchi Park, Pamplona

Walking around the outskirts of the Arga river or enjoy a coffee at the legendary Café Iruña (even in the “El rincón de Hemingway”) are some of the many entertainment options offered by Pamplona.

Los pinchos

You shouldn’t abandon Pamplona without tasting its traditional “pinchos” (brochettes). Though all his cuisine is excelent, “tapas” is a deeply rooted custom. And with high quality products.

Pincho de lomo, chorizo y salchichón.

Pincho de lomo, chorizo y salchichón.

Discover Pamplona and begin a beatiful adventure: El Camino de Santiago by bike.