Before starting the Way of St. James, you probably wonder where you can sleep along the way. You have several options, you just have to choose what suits you best. Here we give you a list of types of accommodation for Saint James Way:


  1. Hotels, the most expensive type of accommodation to sleep along St. James’ Way

This is the most expensive option, since a hotel offers all kind of services. The prices may vary depending on the hotel’s stars, but in general is the less economic option.

If you end up too tired after an exhausting stage of St James’ Way, we recommend you to rest in a hotel room. Is probably the most comfortable option.

Hotel de los Reyes Católicos, among the types of accommodation for the Way of Saint James, is one of the most expensive.

  1. Rural Houses

Rural houses offer an unique experience to pilgrims, quality services and are normally located in places with breathtaking views.

Rural houses are decorated in a traditional way, keeping the magic of the past. However, this type of accommodation, as hotels, is not cheap. About 50€/night.


  1. Guesthouses

Among the types of accommodation for St James’ Way, this one is appropriate for those people who wish to enjoy the usual commodities but without great luxury. The price is about 20€/night.

It is frequent that ghesthouses have individual and group rooms. Single rooms are perfect if you want to be alone with no one to disturb you.

Guesthouses are a good option if you travel in a group, since it is possible to book an entire room for you and your companions.

Some hostels have a kitchen, so you can cook your own food without having to go out to eat. If you prefer cooking, it is a characteristic you would maybe like to take into account.


  1. Pensions

Pensions normally offer a similar service to that of Ghesthouses, but for a slightly cheaper price: of about 15€/night along Santiago’s Way.


  1. Hostels, one of the cheapest options to sleep along St. James’ Way

If you wake up easily at night, this type of accommodation would probable not suit you. A large number of people sleep in hostel’s rooms, a far much higher number than at the rest of accommodations.

However, in hostels you can become acquainted with a lot of pilgrims and exchange experiences of the Way.

  • Public

Public hostels are probable the cheapest option. The average price is 5€/night.

The problem is that all the rooms are normally already occupied early in the morning. If you do not reach the hostel earlier in the day in time to take a room, is likely all the rooms will be occupied.

  • Privates

Private hostels price is about 10€/night, a bit higher than public ones.

There are a lot of private hostels. Some of them offer quality services, even for aspects that are not necessary to do Santiago’s Way, such as having playgrounds for children or a swimming pool.

  • Belonging to the Church

Hostels belonging to the church do not have a specified price. Each person pay whatever they want in the form of a donation.

If you do not have a large budget to do St James’ Way, it is a good choice of accommodation, but normally they get packed really soon.

Concha del Camino de Santiago

  1. Go camping in St James’ Way

It is also possible to do the Way of Saint James sleeping in a tent, but first you need to check the regulations of any Autonomous Region you will be passing through along the Way. Wild camping regulations is in the field of the competence of each Community.

In Tournride we have been many years advising pilgrims about where to find accommodation along the Saint James Way, so if you have any question, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.