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The Way of Saint James: French Way. Third route: From Estella to Logroño


From Estella to Logroño (48 kms.) (With exit from hostel, bar-restaurant, or tourist office)

One of the hardest stages but also more gratificantes of all the French Way. The difficulty is considered high with heights of height of until 750 metres, but the route by Navarra and The Rioja, do it an only experience.

Fuente del vino Camino de Santiago

Bodegas Irache en Estella- Fuente del Vino.

When splitting of the hostel of Estella, the first stop forced is the one of the famous source of the wine, of Cellars Irache. A grolo of wine to begin the travesía with energy, always comes very (but without happening ). In this distance, have the option to go by the traditional route, by narrow footpaths and that, depending on the period of the year, can be full of mud, or, visit the road that do the most comfortable Way, although, although it is true, less attractive and without being able to enjoy of the beautiful seen highland.

The first unemployed can do it in The Arches, a place in where you will be able to take a coffee in many of the cafés and take advantage of to do some shopping in the shops and local supermarkets. If you follow the option of road, the asphalt is in quite good state, although, to the equal that following the traditional route, is a continuous goes up and drop, because of the rugged terrain navarro. From Towers of the River, after going up to the high, if you look for backwards have a beautiful sight of Sansol, and if you look for forward, the Way complicates a pile. The following stopped before arriving to The Rioja is in a small pueblecito called Viana. Ideal for afterwards take the lane-bici that begins in the community and that drives directly to Logroño.

Santa María de Arcos- Camino de Santiago

Iglesia de Santa María de Arcos- Fuente: ViajarAhora.com

The way goes in in Logroño by the north until the famous Pozo Cubillas, known source where the pilgrims take advantage of to freshen his feet. You can enjoy in the next oriel to the source, in which the beautiful seen of the bridge of stone and the towers of the churches, will not leave you indifferent. At the beginning of the bridge of stone finds the office of the pilgrim and when crossing the river Ebro go in in the ancient helmet and arrive to the hostel of Logroño.

Logroño Is a small city, but with all the services, kind and near people and interminable places of visit after doing your Way of Santiago in bicycle. Gastronomy of luxury and to popular prices, and tourist visits like the Bridge of Stone, the Bridge of Iron, the Theatre Bretón of the Smiths or the Wall of Revellín.

Camino de Santiago- Pozo Cubillas

Pozo Cubillas en Logroño- Fuente de Peregrinos

The Way of Saint James: Santiago de Compostela to Fisterra by bike (from Praza do Obradoiro to Faro Finisterre)

At the same way that is an unique event, arrive to the saint city in where they rest the rests of the Apostle Santiago from does more than two tens of centuries, the peregrinación to the end of the world known until the 15th century, is all an unforgettable experience that the pilgrims will be able to do in bicycle in two comfortable and fun stages of trips.

With supporting document from 1997, when the City council of Fisterra created the “Fisterrana” (an equivalent of the famous “Compostelana” exactly with the same working), this Route of the Way of Santiago has gone taking a lot of leadership during the last fifteen years. A stage that visits rivers, mountains, terrains rough and beautiful villages of the interior and of the Galician coast that will remain presents in your eyes. To continuation, present the two stages of which states, described painstakingly so that you can travel to Galicia without going out of house.

1ª day: Santiago de Compostela – Olveiroa (58 kilometres)

Taking like starting point the Square of the Obradoiro, after enjoying of the beautiful sight of the Cathedral of Santiago, the Pazo of Raxoi and the Hostal of the Reis Catholic, take the slope that descends to Rúa give Hortas to continue rectum to Street Galeras. Fortunately, the distance of exit of the city is signposted with the yellow arrows indicated for pilgrims and is quite comfortable and simple go out of the city. After abandoning the city compostelana, will go through Roxos in some stretches that combine asphalt with earth and small footpaths, in addition to a hard travesía by the High of Sea of Ovellas. We cross the lovely Put you Maceira and if you have gone out early of Santiago, recommend to stop to eat, rest and enjoy, the village of Negreira. Multiple restaurants and services of all type with traditional kitchen and to a price more than affordable.

Tramo Fisterrana, Camino de Santiago

In the afternoon, after 10 kilometres of progressive rise (although with no too much slope), go through the villages of Cores and Canle, until arriving to the aldea of Vilacoba, in where the distance until Olveiroa will do much more distended and pleasant. In this village, there is multiple hotels, rural houses and hostels in where can rest, as well as restaurants and houses of foods that will do that you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy of a dinner and that help you to replace strengths.

2ª day- Olveiroa – Faro Finisterre (47 kilometres)

Due to the fact that the stretch is shorter, is not necessary madrugar in excess and calmly, go out of Olveiroa and continue by tracks of earth by the mountains of the City council of Dumbría. A bit more advance of the aldea of Hospital, go through the curious Hermitage of the Virxen give Neves, for to continuation, can enjoy of the beautiful seen to the sea, with destination to Cee. We recommend to have caution during these descents, since they are very dangerous. We recommend that the stop to eat realise in this lovely sailor villa as it is Cee, that, to the equal that Corcubión (at the side of Cee), with a lot of restaurants with menu of the day, fishes, mariscos and meats as well as pinchos typical of the zone.

Ponte Camino de Santiago Fisterra

We restart ours walk course to Fisterra, crossing of an estuary to another crossing a mountain no very escarpado and high, arrive to the lovely beach of Estorde, a place in which do a stop to replace strengths before arriving to Sardiñeiro of Abaixo. A gratificante visited by the coast of the Galician Rías Altas will accompany you until your destination, going through Escaselas, in where again we have beach if you apetece give you a bathroom. And we arrive to Fisterra, in where shortly after initiating a descent, find us with one of the instantaneous more photographed of the Way: the sight of the cape and the Faro Finisterre. After happening the two “Petones” (Petón do Corvo and Petón Hovered), will arrive finally of the world known from the romanización of the ancient Gallaecia. If have win, still could continue with your Way until Muxía, following the route of the Costa da Morte in the also already famous “Muxiana“.

Vista Finisterre- Fisterrana, Camino de Santiago

The Way, first route: RONCESVALLES – PAMPLONA


Km 0. Roncesvalles (from the hostel, restaurant or tourist office centre)

Km  0. Saint Jean au Pied du Port.-01

In the beginning of the way a priest expects to all the one who undertakes the armed trip with a good bunch of stamps of the virgin of Roncesvalles and with a smile of these that hit. It greets you, question, interests by your plan of trip and until does a photo with you if like this you ask it to him. Ready, smart?, and it begins the riding.

Depending on the station in which it do , is very important to take into account the suitable clothes and a kit of first helps for our bicycle (stock exchange of complete repair, new camera and bomb), especially if it travels in period of rains. It is very typical to listen in this first stage (if it is period of rains) that it is impossible to go down in bicycle from Roncesvalles, but those that are accustomed to walk by earth will be delighted and will be able to forget of the pilotage to enjoy of the colours, the pastures, and the first greetings of proud pilgrims of an amazing trip: 790 kilometres until Santiago de Compostela.

Going out by the N-135 takes a small way that discurre to the embroider of the forest of Sorginaritzaga or robledal of Witches, a bucólico walk that leaves to see at the end the mythical cross of the Pilgrims, a cruise of the Gothic period that was moved to this place to finals of the XIX. This walk finishes beside the polygon Ipetea, where goes back to go out to the N-135 to go in in Auritz/Burguete.


In Auritz/Burguete there is a pair of bars that open early for those that are to repeat breakfast. One of them finds beside the church of Saint Nicolás and another some one hundred metres afterwards. Happened the parish the Saint street Nicolás (corresponds with the N-135, are all one) twist to the right beside a banking branch to the river Urrobi. After sortear several courses of water by rudimentary driveways of stone and solve a small repecho, goes out to a track asphalted from which already appreciate the roofs of Spinal, first pertaining village to the valley of Erro.

When arriving to the village of Spinal, just where there is a bar and a bakery (a perfect place to take down of sweet and recomponer energy) turns to the right to a zone by which only can circulate by the sidewalk. Justo after a step of pedestrians it is necessary to turn to the left until it takes the track to go up to the height of Mizkitirtz. Two kilometres afterwards finds an image ploughed of the Virgin of Roncesvalles. Care when crossing the road: it is necessary to have a lot of care of not to confuse and take the senda that is not.

A metallic door carries to an impressive hayedo that will guide until the next population. The last stretch of this senda will be pavimentado to keep moved away the possible barrizal of winter. This will carry to a senda that drives to Bizkarreta, end of stage during the 12th century thanks to the existence of a hospital of pilgrims.

Just to the manually left entrance finds a bar, and when leaving the village, beside the shop of Biskarret takes course to Lintzoain, following village that finds to some two kilometres.

Once in Lintzoain, arrived to a pediment it is necessary to twist to the right to take a way of cement very hard. It follows him a track of gravel? A stone signposts that they remain four kilometres until the high of Erro- and afterwards a senda narrow.

The first going ups are the hardest, but little by little the slope yields and the way widens , until enjoying by moments of small falling stretches, as the one who carries until the same high of Erro, where crosses the N-135.

Between the spring and the autumn exists a mobile bar that works with energy solar. They sell sodas, fruit, barritas energetic and bollería industrial. In spring serve also drunk hot.

It begins the descent, surprise some stretches of the descent in which there are stairs, until arriving to the bridge of the Anger on the river Arga, construction by which accesses to Zubiri and to the valley of Esteribar.

Km  0. Saint Jean au Pied du Port.-01

To follow the way having visited the village of Zubiri it is necessary to go back on the steps and cross again the bridge of the Anger. A kilometre afterwards finds a polygon that it is necessary to surround by a road, until descending a small stretch of stairs to abandon the industrial area and arrive to the village of Ilarratz. Roughly a kilometre afterwards will be Eskirotz and another kilometre more will carry to Larrasoaña.

If you come from Zubiri the itinerary does not arrive to this place, since it finds separated of the way by the river Arga and the bridge of the Bandits. A short promotion of 500 metres roughly carries until the following core, Akerreta.

Following the way it is necessary to happen near of a rural hotel and after a porthole and a stretch of gravel arrives until a local road that has to cross . The following stretch is of tale: protected between the trees and thickets until finding the river Arga and begin a descent until the same bank. Hit to the course of the river until arriving to the bridge of Zuriain.

Beside the bridge find the bar and the hostel The Stop of Zurian. It goes out until the road N-135 and takes the detour of Ilurdotz, until going back to cross the Arga to direct until Irotz.


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