Bike rental for the Camino de Santiago frequently asked questions

  • Price of hire: The price depends on many factors as you know, dates, type of bicycle (24 or 27 speeds with v-brakes and 27 speeds with disc brakes) and accesories you’d need (helmet, panniers, gel pad for saddle,…). You could do a simulation on the website and the system will show you the price, but if you want, let us know all that data (and your height) and we’ll help with the budget.
  • Bicycles: We only have MTB on 24 and 27 speeds with v-brakes, and 27 speeds with disc brakes. Also all of our bikes have wheels on 26″. We have no touring or hybrid bikes. In our experiences, MTB are the best bicycles to ride the REAL Camino, is that reason.
  • Accesories: All of our bikes have included pannier rack (standart), lock and bottle holder for free. You could choose the other accesories on your booking as: Panniers, travel bag for the handlebar, helmet (for rent and for sell), gel pad for the saddle, first Aid kit, Accident insurance, and also Android mobile phone with CaminoGuide v2.0 installed and updated.
  • Booking: : You could get your budget on our website choosing dates, starting and finish places, number of bicycles, accesories you need and, finally, the payment. You don’t need to be registered to get a quote, but yes to get a booking with Tournride. After the budget you have to sing in and do the payment (if you are interested on our service). You could save your booking with no payment but after 3 or 5 days, the booking will be erased on our system and the bicycles will be available for other bookings. We have to do this way because we receive many bookings from all over the world every day, is the only way to give a correct stock to the Pilgrims. If you want to get again your booking, please, click on Update my booking, and we will add it to your account. Usually, Pilgrims book their bicycles about a month in advance because the availability.
  • Payment: Once the reservation has been sucessfully made, you should choose both the modalities and methods of payment shown as options: by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) or by Bank Transfer. It is important to note that if payment is not made at least 48 hours before the start of the reservation date, the bicycle will not be sent (if payment is made by Bank Transfer, the bank slip for the transfer must be attached). Tournride S.L.’s on-line reservation system is designed to allow our customers to plan their route with a time margin, so that they know that their bicycle will be waiting for them at the hotel or SEUR offices. Therefore, the whole reservation process must be finalised as soon as possible in order to guarantee that the bicycle will be available. If the price stated has not been paid 10 days prior to the start of the reservation date, a surcharge for the delay of 5 euros per bicycle hired will be charged. This amount will be added to the original cost given and will be shown in your user zone. After that, if you’re going to pay with credit card, you could choose to pay 20% in advance and 80% at least 10 days before the starting or 100%, availability is guaranted with both methods.
  • Deposit: We don’t ask for deposit, we trust on our Pilgrims to take care about the bikes.
  • Delivering the bikes: Always put your starting date on the booking, our system will notify us to deliver the bikes the day before of your starting day. Please, don’t forget to inform at your Hotel of the arrival (just in case). If you are going to collect the bikes in SEUR -our courier company-, remember that they’re open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, also Saturdays from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Usually they’re a quite far from the city center, in an Industrial area near the city. Bets option for you is receive the bicycle/s at your hotel.
  • The Camino: Is not only a scenic route, sometimes is hard on the tracks and more hard when the weather becomes to rain or is a windy day. We think that the best months to ride The Camino are April, May, June, September also October. Of course, July and August, but maybe they’re too hot to ride. Anyway, it depends on the weather.
  • Days: How many kilometers will I ride each day? Is a very difficult answer, it depends on your legs and your mind. Is not easy because no every pilgrims are riders. Maybe 50 kms a day is a good daily ride. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Usually, Pilgrims spend 15 or 16 days from Roncesvalles, 10 days from Burgos, 8 days from Leon, for example. It depends on you.
  • Repairs: All the bikes are sent repaired, cleaned and oiled from Tournride. We’re responsible for any faults found on collecting the bicycle, but not for any occurring once you have started on your route. It would be impossible to be able to control the way each user handles the bicycle. What Tournride can do is provide a customer service to tell you where the nearest repair shop is in your vicinity, and that you can go to without having to wait in a queue, and where, knowing that you are a customer of ours, you will not be overcharged. Calls can be made in office hours (Monday to Friday: 10.00 to 13.30 and 16.30 to 20.00) to the following numbers: +34981936616. All repairs occurring during the hire period are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Routes: There’re 744 kilometers from Roncesvalles, the French Way; also 700 kms. from Pamplona (about 15 days); 605 kms from Logrono; 480 kms. from Burgos (about 9 days); 301 kms. from Leon (about 6 days); 250 kms. from Astorga and 200 kms. from Ponferrada, the minimum distance to get Peregrina degree by bicycle. There’re 144 kms. from O Cebreiro and 104 kms from Sarria.
  • In the panniers: Our recommendation is travel as light as you can. Select what you take with care, preferably items that can be used for multiple purposes and think of layering. For instance, a pair of socks can double as gloves to keep your fingers warm on a cold morning, and a set of convertible (from long to short with a zipper) hiking pants can be worn over your cycling pants. We discourage taking cycling jerseys, instead select some polypro t-shirts which can be worn in the afternoons and evenings off the bike. Light-weight rain-gear is essential, as the spanish weather can be unpredictable, especially in Navarra and Galicia. Here again think multipurpose, the jacket should serve to keep you warm in the evenings and early mornings (it can be downright cold even in the summer when you get up to the Rabanal and Cebreiro passes). Shoes suitable for cycling should also be comfortable for walking to save you the weight of a pair of sneakers.
  • Lugagge storage: : If you have extra lugagge, you could send it to our shop in Santiago and we’ll storage it still your arrival. The price depends on the weight (about 1,7€ kg.) and also add 3€/day for the storage. You must pay on your arrival the total amount with cash. To collect the lugagge, our courier company -called SEUR- will do it in your hotel the day after your starting day. You must inform at Reception of it and select it on the steps of the booking. If you forget it, please, send us an e-mail with your booking number and we’ll do.
  • Boxes for flights:: We have bicycle boxes availables for flights with the air companies standart size. The price is 7€ but you should dismantel the bike. Also we have larger size boxes for 10€.
  • Bicycles shipping: We deliver bikes from Santiago to mainland Spain and Europe from: 55€ (Spain) and Canary Island 150€; it cost 99€ to West Europe like Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom; 110€ Ireland and Österreich and East Europe; 120€ Suisse, Greece and Nordic countries. Our partner on the service is UPS. We only turn the handlebar and put the pedals off. You could send the helmet and the tools kit inside the box with the panniers, but not full panniers. You must bring the bicycle to our shop (in the city center) and we’ll deliver it back to your home.