Rental Conditions (Updated 05/07/2018)

Rental conditions

Tournride S.L. (Tournride hereafter) is a company dedicated to rent bicycles and accessories for them. In Tounride, we sent the bike to any point of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) according to the customer’s requirements, as well as to certain areas of Southern France. The price of transportation, indicated in the booking for each case, will be valid both for the shipping to SEUR facilities, to Tournride partners, as well as to the hotels indicated by the customer.

Tournride also works along with travel agencies and tour operators from around the world, offering additional services such as support vans assisted by a qualified mechanic, among others.


At Tournride we work with a booking system to ensure the availability of all the material to our customers. Tournride S.L. puts at your disposal a simple system of online booking in which you may get a quotation, compare prices and even make a booking. In addition, you can also book via email, via form or by telephone. Nevertheless, please read these conditions and the section of frequently asked questions beforehand. If you have any inquire, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Booking Process

To make a booking on our website, the customer should create first an account with their personal details, in which it is extremely important for the data to be accurate and be updated.

Upon completing this first step, during the booking process, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide a comprehensive and accurate address for the delivery and collection of the bicycles. The customer should make sure that in both the collection and delivery places the bicycles will be accepted and kept safe, until the arrival of the customer for the delivery address, or until our arrival to the collection point.

If the booking is made directly by our staff, it is the customer’s responsibility to review and check that the information is correct. If the client detect any mistake, they should inform our staff via email as soon as possible.

In the event that the customer wishes to modify the booking, the changes shall be requested via email, until 5 days prior to the start of the booking. Where that time limit is not met, Tournride does not assume any liability if the changes cannot be made.
The customer should take into account that some changes in the booking can imply variations on the price due to modifications on the bicycles, transportation or accessories.

A booking would be confirmed when the payment is made in any of the methods that Tournride puts at your disposal. That payment, either total or partial, will ensure to the customer the availability of the booked material for the selected dates.


Tournride S.L. reserves the right to apply surcharges, which shall be reflected during the booking process.

The type of extra charges that exist in Tournride S.L. (if applicable) are:

  • Booking with less than 5 days in advance: 6€ (per bike)
  • Return in weekend or holiday: 6€ (per bike)


Tournride S.L. puts at your disposal two methods of payment:

    This is the only method that allows fractioned payment.
  • Bank Transfer.

Since the creation of the booking, the customer will have 72 hours to make the full payment or partial payment (20% of the booking). Otherwise, we reserve the right to cancel it. Full payment should be made at least 10 days before the booking starting date.

Tournride’s online booking system is designed so that our customers can plan their route with a time frame, being sure that when they get to the hotel, to SEUR offices, or to any of our partners, the bicycle will be there. For that purpose, it is necessary that the booking process is completed as soon as possible to ensure the availability of the bicycle.

Cancellation Policy

Tournride accept total and partial cancellations of services with the following conditions:

20% of the amount is considered management costs, so it shall not be refunded.

In case 100% of the booking price has been paid, 80% of it will be returned to you, except the bank charges associated. This will depend on the bank and the country of origin of the payment, provided that the cancellation is notify at least 10 days before the booking starting date.

If the bicycle has already been sent and a cancellation occurs, Tournride reserves the right to charge the customer with the additional costs generated by the return of the bicycle.

All returns will be refunded by the same method of payment used by the client.

IMPORTANT: If the client decides to shorten the duration of the rental after having already started the booking, the amount corresponding to the days reduced will not be returned, since the bike have been booked for the initial number of days, preventing the bike from being rented by other customers for that period.


Reception and Return

All bikes are completely revised and in perfect condition before being sent, wrapped in a special packing case from Tournride S.L. However, during transport, although it is not the usual, they can receive some type of impact. When removing the packaging, please check that the material is in good condition. In case something is not in order, please call immediately to the telephone: + 34 981 93 66 16. Our staff will give you a solution, without any additional cost (always in business hours and working days). This coverage will offer you transport service and Tournride will arrange it for you.

Once started your route, you will be covered by Tournride Full Assistance, our fully comprehensive insurance.

Bicycle Assembly

We send the bicycles from Tournride in a perfectly sealed package, with the pedals dismounted and the handlebar rotated. We send the bike with the necessary assembly tools, a lock to secure it and the luggage rack and bottle holder already installed. The rest of accessories are optional.
Once you receive the bicycle, the necessary assembly operations are the following:

  • Correct placement of the pedals following the instructions.
  • Secure the screws of the stem as indicated in the instructions.

In the package you will find all the necessary tools for the assembly.

Breakdowns and Theft

At Tournride S.L. we take care of our bicycles and we do a comprehensive maintenance to eradicate possible malfunctions during your trip. If you detect any fault, remember that with Tournride Full Assistance, our fully comprehensive insurance, you will have at your disposal a care line (+ 34 981 93 66 16), from which we will help you to solve any incidence that could immobilize your bicycle.

Tournride Full Assistance will provide you with a transport service to take you to the nearest workshop of our wide partners’ network. Tournride will try to resolve the situation in the most convenient way for the customer.
All malfunctions that may arise during the rental period shall be borne by Tournride Full Assistance, with the exception of those considered to be in bad faith.

In the event of theft, you should call immediately to the customer service (+ 34 981 93 66 16), through which you will receive instructions to make the theft report to the competent authorities. Within the available possibilities of our large fleet, Tournride S.L. will provide you with a bike as soon as possible so you are able to continue enjoying your experience.

For more information you can check the policies of our fully comprehensive insurance: Tournride Full Assistance. As a user of the service you are aware of the conditions and accept them.

Handling of the Bicycle

Tournride S.L. requests the collaboration of all users in order to maintain, from year to year, the bicycle hire rates we offer. This collaboration consists in the correct use of the bicycle and the material. Some simple bicycle care will prevent breakdowns and will help us to keep offering a comprehensive service to users.
Among the care tasks that can be carried out are included:

  • The gear switching should be made while pedaling to avoid chain breakage.
  • Keep cleaned and greased the moving parts of the bicycle to reduce the risk of breakdowns.
  • Store the bicycles correctly during the stay in hotels, hostels etc., locked and secured, so they cannot be damaged because of an improper storage and this way reduce the risk of the bikes being the target for theft.


Traffic and Safety Regulations

Tournride S.L. informs you that, as a bike user, there are some traffic rules in Spain that you must follow, and that “ignorance of law does not exempt from its compliance”. Since 2014, helmets are mandatory when biking in Spain. Tournride puts at your disposal properly sanitized helmets available for rent for a little extra fee. For information purposes, you can consult an extract from the pertaining traffic law (link).

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The present contract is governed by Spanish Law, and the customers accept the renunciation to any charter who could apply and submit themselves to the court jurisdiction of Santiago de Compostela (Spain).