Bike Rental Conditions


Tournride S.L. is a bicycle hire company for the Saint James Way, which also hires out accessories for each of its bicycle models. Tournride S.L. provides customers with a national bicycle transport service, contracted with SEUR, by which bicycles can be sent to any place in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), and now even France, as customers require. The cost of the transport, given for each case in the reservation form, includes delivery to SEUR or Mail Boxes Etc facilities or hotels (you must inform at the hotel)  stated by customers in the booking form.


This reservation will not be confirmed until a minimum of 20{f83b22b844ac07a43a3f1ef6a8e10c29cb09ae7d9fbb052eb44ad624a4f02ada} of the cost has been received. This payment ensures that you will have the bicycle(s) available for your route.


Once the reservation has been made, you should choose both the modalities and methods of payment shown as options: by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) or by Bank Transfer. It is important that you realize that if payment is not made at least 48 hours before the start of the booking date, the bicycle will not be sent (if payment is made by Bank Transfer, the bank transfer ticket must be attached). Tournride S.L.’s on-line booking system is designed to allow our customers to plan their route with a time margin, so that they know that their bicycles will be waiting for them at their hotel, SEUR or Mail Boxes Etc offices. Therefore, the whole reservation process must be finalised as soon as possible in order to guarantee that the bicycle will be available. We beg you to make the payment at least 10 days before of the stated bike rental start date.


If you have made a booking and a payment and, for any reason, you wish to cancel it, we inform you that 20{f83b22b844ac07a43a3f1ef6a8e10c29cb09ae7d9fbb052eb44ad624a4f02ada} of the amount will not be refunded, but retained to pay for stock management costs. If you have paid the full amount via bank transfer, 80{f83b22b844ac07a43a3f1ef6a8e10c29cb09ae7d9fbb052eb44ad624a4f02ada} will be refunded, minus any bank charges incurred, which will depend on the bank and the country from which payment was made. Even so, the 20{f83b22b844ac07a43a3f1ef6a8e10c29cb09ae7d9fbb052eb44ad624a4f02ada} gives you the right to make another booking discounting this cost, if made during the same calendar year. If at the time of cancellation the bicycle has already been sent, any costs incurred in returning the bicycle will be charged before refund.


All bicycles leave Tournride S.L. after a full mantainance service, in the best conditions, and in special packaging, but, occasionally, they might be damaged during transport. When you take the bicycle out of its special packaging, please, check it and if you find any problem, call the telephone numbers below immediately: +34981936616, where our staff will provide you with a solution at no extra cost to you (Monday to Friday: 10.00 to 19:00). Once you have started on your route, you are responsible for all repairs, unless you have contracted our new All Risk Insurance for bikes on the camino de Santiago.


The bicycles are shipped with the pedals removed and the handlebars turned. It is very important that the pedals are fitted properly (right and left) and the screws tightened as shown in the instructions attached to the handlebar. Do not touch any others. We send the implied tools and a brief explanation of the process, being this very easy, even for non bicycle users.


As stated above, Tournride S.L. is responsible for any faults found on collecting the bicycle, but not for any occurring once you have started on your route. It would be impossible to be able to control the way each user handles the bicycle. What Tournride S.L. can do is provide a customer service to tell you where the nearest repair shop at your disposal,  that you can go to being attended as soon as possible, and where you won’t be overcharged. Calls can be made in office hours (Monday to Friday: 10.00 to 13.30 and 16.30 to 20.00) to the following numbers: +34981936616. All repairs occurring during the hire period are the responsibility of the customer, except for those due to a manufacturing fault, and which will be judged by the report from the repair shop together with the manufacturer BH.

However, in case of purchasing our new bike insurance for our rental bikes, you will have at your disposal a 24h/365d phone (Spanish and English speaking), that will help you with any problem that stops your bikes, even if it’s only a puncture or flat tire.


It is important for users to note the extra charges Tournride S.L. may make if applicable:

1º/ For delay in making the reservation: 5€ (per bicycle).
2º/ For reserving less than 5 days previously: 6€ (per bicycle).
3º/ For returning at the weekend or on holidays: 6€ (per bicycle).
4º/ For loss or theft of the bicycle*: 170€ (24v model), 225€ (27v model v-brakes) and 350€ (27 model with disc brakes).
5º/ For loss of the padlock or its key: 3€ (per bicycle).
6º/ For loss of the cover pad with gel: 7€ (per bicycle).
7º/ For loss or theft of the helmet: 7€ (per bicycle).
8º/ For not returning the tool kit (multi-purpose spanner, detachable items, pedal spanner and pump): 10€ (per bicycle).
9º/ For tearing backpacks, panniers or travelling bag**: 10€
10º/ Collecting your bikes at your hotel mainland Spain: 30€/bike

*The user is responsible for the bicycle until it is returned to Tournride S.L.’s facilities, or to a SEUR or Mail Boxes Etc office. If a bicycle is abandoned at a hostel, hotel or any other premises than the above, and disappears, the user must pay the corresponding charges. As a user of the service, you are aware of and accept the rules. In case of contrating our camino bike rental insurance, and having suffered a robbery or thief, you will have to state the incidence at the nearest Police Station, as stated in the insurance conditions (only in Spanish at this moment).

** Remember not to pack the backpacks too tightly. If you organise your packs well, you do not need to force the zips, which is the main cause of breakage. The limit weight is 15 kgs, over that could be problems on the cogset and back wheel, and we won’t pay the bill for that reason. Also the travel bag is only for documents, maps or mobile phone NOT for TOOLS KIT that could break it. Please, bring the tools kit on the panniers.

Extra charges must be paid either in the Tournride S.L. shop, or they will be charged to the credit card that has been accepted as the payment method for your reservation. As a user of the service, you are aware of and accept the rules.


Tournride S.L. beg all users to help us in maintaining the prices we offer, the same or lower every year, for hiring bicycles. You can help by using simple cleaning and maintenance routines for the most sensitive parts of the bicycle, WASH AND DRY (IMPORTANT) before oiling chain, derailleurs, brakes, tyres and sprocket. This simple care will prevent breakdowns and help to being able to continue providing a full service to users. In order to offer a service that meets quality standards, please put the complete toolkit in the transparent bag provided, also the helmet and lock with key, in order for them to be cleaned for reuse in the best possible condition by future users, without raising the end price of the service provided by Tournride.


Tournride S.L. wishes to inform you that, as a user of the bicycle, you must respect and comply with traffic regulations, not forgetting that “Not knowing the laws does not exempt you from complying with them”. Since Jan. 2014 is mandatory ride with helmet in Spain. Our recommendation is always wear the helmet with our bicycles, please, do it. By hiring the bicycle, you are accepting these prices and conditions. The contract itself implies acceptance of these prices and conditions.